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Cooper, The Designer

Being able to create and manipulate images for print and for the web has afforded me the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects.

Why Design?

Design is a discipline all it's own, and the first step in creating projects like website, landing pages, and apps. It's easier to make smaller changes to the design until you're happy before slinging any code.

Design Experience

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Design Experience

  • Print Design

    Ranging from quarter-page handouts, full-page flyers, legal-sized forms, poster-sized prints, all the way to billboards -- I've done it all. Full bleed, rounded corners, foil accents, you name it. Print isn't my favorite media, but it's often a part of larger projects.

  • Web Design

    I used to take PSDs and slice them up into tables and export HTML from photoshop to layout webpages. But responsive web design more or less changed the web design game. Using a 12-point grid system has become the industry standard.

  • UI Design

    The user interface, or the concept ease of navigating through a webpage/site, is something that should always be in the forefront of a designer's mind when mocking up projects. Waiting too late to consider usability often requires a redesign, which wastes time and money.

  • Boilerplates

    Boilerplate templates come with everything you need to start a website. Most of the content of the template would need to be updated, but having a real working example of the website helps visualize the elements that need to be replaced or updated. HTML5 Boilerplate is a good example.

  • Frameworks

    Frameworks are basically Cascading Style Sheets and/or JavaScript code that most websites would need to get started. They generally contain all the styles and variations for grid structions for laying out responsive design, and for font/text changes, and others.

I'm New(ish) to San Diego

I built this website to exemplify my skills in development and design.
Feel free to give me a thumbs up if you like what you see.

I'm a proud alumni from the University of North Florida (SWOOP!) I've held several positions in Jacksonville, all of which had design and development components. I moved to San Diego in January of 2016 to find an awesome tech job. I'm working happily in Little Italy.


If you'd like to provide some feedback, I'm sure something could be better.

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