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Cooper, The Developer

PHP, Classic ASP, C# .NET, and JavaScript/jQuery

Why Development?

I gravitated toward programming because I love solving problems. The very first tool I developed (in 2002) was to help me access my bookmarks from any computer. I bought a domain name and created a page with a form asking for name, url, and description, and then a page that showed all the entries made. It was relatively simple and rendered obsolete with chrome's syncing feature was released, but I learned a lot by building the tool and I continue to learn by creating tools which help me and others solve problems. The technologies have changed a little since that time, but my love of solving problems has remained the same.

Development Languages

Classic ASP
.NET with C#

Development Experience

  • Front-End

    Most of my projects involve heavy front-end development. Processing the data on the front-end saves server resources, and there are tons of useful libraries that can easily add animation and effects to the page.

  • Back-End

    I first started developing with Classic ASP. I've dabbled in .NET with C#, and I've spend the past few years doing custom PHP development. I have worked with MSSQL and MySQL, and dabbled with Mongo databases, too.

  • Frameworks

    CodeIgniter is a great PHP framework. I've worked with grid-based HTML/CSS frameworks like Skeleton, Bootstrap, and Foundation. ThemeForest has great full UI templates, which are great to start a new project with a robust template.

  • Preprocessors

    CSS Preproccessors like {less} and Sass extend static files by allowing you to introduce variables and other features to make management easier.

I'm New(ish) to San Diego

I built this website to exemplify my skills in development and design.
Feel free to give me a thumbs up if you like what you see.

I'm a proud alumni from the University of North Florida (SWOOP!) I've held several positions in Jacksonville, all of which had design and development components. I moved to San Diego in January of 2016 to find an awesome tech job. I'm working happily in Little Italy.


If you'd like to provide some feedback, I'm sure something could be better.

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