I'm a Developer

In my over 15 years of experience, I started with more of the back-end technologies. First with classic VB Script, then with .NET and C#, but lately most of my projects have been PHP-based, with custom development with the CodeIgniter framework, which uses the MVC design pattern.

As front-end developing became more popular with jQuery and various JavaScript libraries, I quickly incorporated these into my toolbox. Over the past few years I gained experience with a lot of the popular libraries and I have written my own jQuery functions.

image of server-side code

I'm also a Designer

I really enjoyed art classes in elementary school (who didn't?), but the first time opening the program Photoshop was a game changer. I quickly realized the potential of knowing the ins and outs of it, and began to learn as much as I could.

To be able to alter every aspect of the design of a web page, then see that design become a page layout, and then that to grow into a working website -- is remarkably empowering. Not "easy" by any means, but it is achievable and very rewarding.

image of photoshop program

I'm a pro with the Suite of Adobe Software

Whether it's editing images in Photoshop, vectorizing a logo in Illustrator, or coding a web page from an XD design, Adobe's software is my go-to for anything print, web, or app related.

Adobe Creative Cloud Splash Image

I'm great with Microsoft Office, too

Whether it's formatting a word document, crunching data in excel, or a mail merge between the two, I've got a lot of experience with all facets of MS Office.

MS Office Products

I try to use as many online tools as I can

I'm a big fan of open source, and I applaud the creative and technical individuals
that make and share tools with the world to save others' some time and frustration.

Ready-Made Templates

These are a great way to hit the ground running with any new project. However good a starting point these templates are, they are by no means publishable out of the box. Being able to read through the code, and use the elements provided by the author, allows me to create breath-taking websites with the least amount of effort.

A/B Testing

Why settle for one design when you can have two? or three? or more, with subtle variations. Optimizely is a great tool that allows web designers to create multiple variations for a given area of a web page. When the "experiment" runs, you can see which variation is the most effective, letting you know the best way to convert your visitors.

Libraries & Plugins

Why recreate the wheel, when someone has taken the time to create the best wheel possible, in every terrain? That's what JavaScript libraries are like. Whether you need to format, calculate, or display a date, feature a responsive image gallery, provide pop-up modals, dynamic form handling and validation, or almost anything else, there's probably a library for that.

And, I'm a good guy

I get along with people. I can take constructive criticism without feeling attacked personally. I communicate effectively in person, on the phone, and in writing. I always try to leave the conversation having learned something.


My Portfolio

Below are some examples of my work.

I'm New(ish) to San Diego

For a little over 3 years I've been working as the e-commerce developer using a headless Shopify instance of our online store. With a Code Igniter based front-end, we were able to fully control the entire shopping experience of our customers (and not using the Shopify Checkout Flow).

I'm a proud alumni from the University of North Florida (SWOOP!). I held several positions in Jacksonville, all of which had design and development components. I moved to San Diego in January of 2016 to find a really awesome tech job.

I'm searching for a position where I can contribute alongside a collaborative team of experienced designers and developers who are also interested in pushing their limits and learning new skills. If you're looking for a hybrid web guy to join your team or agency in the San Diego area, your search may very well be over.

I built this website to exemplify my skills in development and design.
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If you'd like to provide some feedback, I'm sure something could be better.

Get In Touch With Me

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E: jc.webguy@gmail.com
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